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    A review of "The Fourth Industrial Revolution" by Klaus Schwab
    (Işık Üniversitesi Yayınları, 2024-04-30) Abekah-Brown, Mustapha Akwei
    Klaus Schwab's "The Fourth Industrial Revolution" illuminates a period marked by remarkable technological advancements that are fundamentally reshaping our society. The book meticulously details breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, robotics, and biotechnology, while also acknowledging the challenges accompanying these innovations. Schwab sets out to achieve objectives centered around increasing awareness, fostering understanding, and promoting cooperation throughout the book. This book is an indispensable reading for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the ongoing revolution and its implications.
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    Microservices-based databank for Turkish hazelnut cultivars using IoT and semantic web technologies
    (John Wiley and Sons Ltd, 2024-03-30) Aydın, Şahin; Aldara, Dieaa
    Information and communication technologies (ICTs) can play a crucial role in facilitating access to comprehensive information on the quality standards of Turkish hazelnut cultivars. In this regard, this study introduces a Hazelnut Databank System (HDS) that utilizes the microservices architecture, an integrated software system supported by the Internet of Things (IoT) and semantic web, to categorize Turkish hazelnut cultivars. The study focuses on developing microservices using various programming languages and frameworks. Specifically, C# on the.NET Core Framework was used for both microservices and the web-based application implemented through the ASP.NET Core MVC Framework. Mobile-based software applications were created using Xamarin. Forms, and the IoT application was developed using the Python programming language. The data storage is facilitated through the MS SQL Server database. Additionally, the study incorporates the implementation of a hazelnut species classification system using the DNN + ResNet50 machine learning model, achieving an impressive accuracy rate of 95.77%. The overall usability of the system was evaluated, resulting in a score of 42 out of 50. By providing detailed information on Turkish hazelnut cultivars, the HDS has the potential to greatly improve hazelnut production quality in Turkey and increase awareness of hazelnut agriculture among relevant stakeholders.
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    Leveraging transformer-based language models for enhanced service insight in tourism
    (IEEE, 2023-12-22) Er, Aleyna; Özçelik, Şuayb Talha
    Customer feedback is a valuable resource for enhancing customer experience and identifying areas that require improvement. Utilizing user insights allows a tourism company to identify and address problematic points in its service delivery, provide feedback to partner companies regarding their product offerings, and even reconsider agreements by incorporating these opinions when curating their product portfolio. Setur implemented a systematic approach to collecting customer feedback by distributing "after-stay surveys'' to its customers via email following the completion of the agency services provided. Guest answers to open-ended questions that gather opinions about travel experience are analyzed by four tasks: user intention for answering, the sentiment of the review, subjects touched upon, and whom it concerned. For these tasks, transformer-based natural language processing (NLP) models BERT, DistilBERT, RoBERTa, and Electra are fine-Tuned to classify customer reviews. Based on the test results, it is observed that best practices could be gathered using Bert. In addition, we showed that different insights can be obtained from text comments made for two hotels in Aydin, Turkiye. Some users made complaints using neutral sentences. In some cases, people gave high scores to the numerical rating questions, but their open-ended questions could have a negative meaning.
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    Forecasting and analysis of energy consumption and waste generation in Antalya with SVR
    (IEEE, 2023-12-24) Özçelik, Şuayb Talha; Tek, Faik Boray; Şekerci, Erdal
    Antalya, a rapidly expanding coastal city in Türkiye, has experienced significant changes due to urbanization and increasing tourism activities. Comprehending tourism trends is crucial for the city's sustainable development and environmental management. Based on this perspective, this paper aims to present a comprehensive retrospective analysis of Antalya's energy consumption, domestic solid waste generation, wastewater generation, population growth, and tourist numbers over the years. Antalya faces significant challenges due to escalating trends in listed areas. Utilizing the Support Vector Regression, this study projects a need for an additional 1715 GWh of electricity production capacity, an expansion of wastewater capacity by 85639 thousand m3, and an increase in domestic solid waste disposal capacity by 597745 tons by 2028 to accommodate growing demands. We emphasize the importance of adopting effective policies and strategies to support energy efficiency, waste reduction, and wastewater management alongside sustainable urban planning and tourism management for Antalya's long-Term environmental sustainability and development. The findings presented in this study provide valuable insights for policymakers, urban planners, and stakeholders to make informed decisions, ensuring a balanced approach toward economic growth and environmental conservation.
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    Application of ChatGPT in the tourism domain: potential structures and challenges
    (IEEE, 2023-12-23) Kılıçlıoğlu, Orkun Mehmet; Özçelik, Şuayb Talha; Yöndem, Meltem Turhan
    The tourism industry stands out as a sector where effective customer communication significantly influences sales and customer satisfaction. The recent shift from traditional natural language processing methodologies to state-of-The-Art deep learning and transformer-based models has revolutionized the development of Conversational AI tools. These tools can provide comprehensive information about a company's product portfolio, enhancing customer engagement and decision-making. One potential Conversational AI application can be developed with ChatGPT. In this study, we explore the potential of using ChatGPT, a cutting-edge Conversational AI, in the context of Setur's products and services, focusing on two distinct scenarios: intention recognition and response generation. We incorporate Setur-specific data, including hotel information and annual catalogs. Our research aims to present potential structures and strategies for utilizing Language Model-based systems, particularly ChatGPT, in the tourism domain. We investigate the advantages and disadvantages of three different architectures and evaluate whether a restrictive or more independent model would be suitable for our application. Despite the impressive performance of Large Language Models (LLMs) in generating human-like dialogues, their end-To-end application faces limitations, such as system prompt constraints, fine-Tuning challenges, and model unavailability. Moreover, semantic search fails to deliver satisfactory performance when searching filters that require clear answers. To address these issues, we propose a hybrid approach that employs external interventions, the assignment of different GPT agents according to intent analysis, and traditional methods at specific junctures, which will facilitate the integration of domain knowledge into these systems.
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    Kur riskinden korunma araçları: veri analizi uygulaması
    (PressAcademia, 2024-01-15) Aydoğdu, Ayşegül; Çalış, Ercan
    Amaç- Döviz kurunda yaşanan dalgalanmalar yabancı para cinsinden vadeli işlem gerçekleştiren şirketleri kur riskine maruz bırakmaktadır. Kur riski işletmeleri uluslararası ödemeler dengesi, sermaye ve kredi akımları, yabancı para cinsinden borç ve alacaklar, hatta uluslararası ticari etkinliklere katılmasa dahi ulusal para biriminin değerinin değişmesinin sonunda olumlu ve olumsuz şekilde etkilemektedir. Bu nedenle işletmeler kur riskinden korunmak için çeşitli yöntemler kullanmaktadır. Bu çalışma ise firmaların karşı karşıya kaldığı döviz kuru risklerinin ölçümü ve yönetimine ilişkin bazı temel konuları, döviz kuru riskini ölçmede şu anda baskın olan metodolojileri ve kur riski yönetiminde geniş çapta kabul görmüş en iyi uygulamaları özetlemektedir. Bu araştırmanın amacı, döviz kurlarındaki hareketliliğin sebep olduğu kur risklerine karşı işletmelerin kullandıkları stratejileri tanıtmaktır. Bununla birlikte bu çalışmanın alt amaçları, işletmelerin finans yetkilililerin ünvanlarına ve işletmelerin büyüklüklerine göre döviz kuru risklerinden korunma araçlarından haberdar olma durumlarını, kullanım düzeylerini, bu araçları kullanmayanların kullanmamaktaki sebeplerini belirlemek, işletme içi stratejileri ve ekonomik riskten korunma stratejilerini de ortaya koymaktır. Yöntem- Araştırmanın ana kütlesini Marmara Bölgesinde faaliyet gösteren işletmeler oluşturmaktadır. Araştırmanın örneklemi ise Türkiye’de Marmara Bölgesinde dış ticaret yapan 200 işletmeden oluşmaktadır. Verilerin toplanmasında ise İşletmelerin İşlem Riskinden Korunmak İçin Uyguladıkları Stratejiler Ölçeği kullanılmıştır. Firmaların maruz kaldıkları kur riskinden korunabilmek için kullandıkları tekniklerin üzerinden elde edilen veriler tanımlayıcı istatistikler ile yorumlanmıştır. Bununla birlikte, elde edilen verilere tek yönlü ANOVA testi uygulanmıştır. Bulgular- Türkiye'nin Marmara Bölgesindeki 200 dış ticaret işletmesinden elde edilen verilere dayalı olarak, şirketlerin kur riskinden korunmak için kullandıkları yöntemlere dayalı betimsel istatistiklerin bulgularına bakıldığında şirketler için kur riski şirket sağlamlığı için önem arz etmektedir. Şirketlerin kur riskinden korunma araçları konusunda bilgili olduklarını ancak buna rağmen kullanmak konusunda çekimser davrandıklarını görmekteyiz. İşletmeler kur riskinden korunmak için çeşitli teknikler kullanmaktadır. Bununla birlikte, ANOVA testi ile işletmelerin finans yetkililerinin ünvanlarına ve işletme büyüklüklerine göre döviz kuru risklerinden işlem riskinden ve ekonomik riskten korunmak için uyguladıkları stratejiler incelendiğinde finans yetkililerinin ünvanlarına göre ve şirketlerin büyüklüklerine kullandıkları stratejiler, kullanım düzeyleri, haberdar olma düzeyleri ve ekonomik ve işlem riskinden korunma araçlarında değişkenlik olduğu görülmektedir. Sonuç- Kur risinden korunma araçları üzerine veri analizi uygulaması yapılan bu çalışmada, döviz kuru riskini yönetmek için işletmelerin karmaşık ve çeşitli stratejiler kullandığını göstermektedir. İşletmeler, döviz kuru riskine karşı koyabilmek ve karlılıklarını korumak için bu stratejilere başvurmak zorundadır. Bu bulgular aynı zamanda, döviz kuru riskinin yönetilmesinin işletmelerin finansal performansı ve işletme sağlamlığı üzerinde önemli bir etkisi olduğunu göstermektedir.
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    Gender difference in financial behavior: a comparative analysis
    (PressAcademia, 2024-01-15) Teker, Dilek; Dönmez, Sena
    Purpose- Definition of financial inclusion; FI enables adults to access and efficaciously use a range of proper financial services. It plays a crucial role in raising economic growth in point of industry, firm and national level. Accessing to the products and services are achievable with financial inclusion. In the world, financial access is not reachable due to socio-economical reasons. Financial inclusion should involve the obstacles facing, reaching out access. This has an effect on decision makings and financial behaviors. However, gender disagregated statistics are not common in literature. All economies may reach economic growth, recognizing gender differences, and enhancing awareness among households. Aim of this study is to figure out the investing / borrowing behaviors of households. This study seeks “is there a gender difference in the level of financial behavior for Turkiye?”. Methodology- We employ a questionnaire to figure out if there exists a gender difference about various metrics in financial behavior. In the research method of this study, comparative analysis was made to reach out gender differences of respondents regarding financial behavior using excell with the help of coding. Google questionnaire prepared by authors was pre-tested and then authors maintaing to send the questionnaire via social media. 102 respondents were reached out. Firstly, it was made demographic analysis of respondents, a nd then it was analysed the financial behavior of respondents. Findings- Findings prove the fact that there is gender difference in behavior of making payments, savings, daily life, auto and home needs, making decisions, QR Code usage, awareness of Fintech products and number of credit cards. Majority of respondents feel confident about private pension system.. However, there is slightly difference in number of private pension contracts. In general, all respondents own a bank account. Money transfer, using a bank application behavior, does not differ among individuals. Conclusion- Based upon the analysis, it may be concluded that financial behavior affects individuals’ choices and this generates differences in terms of usage, needs, decisions and awareness. Socio-economical factor plays a crucial role regarding generating awareness in financial behavior.
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    Engineering four-qubit fuel states for protecting quantum thermalization machine from decoherence
    (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI), 2024-01-10) Özaydın, Fatih; Sarkar, Ramita; Bayrakçı, Veysel; Bayındır, Cihan; Altıntaş, Azmi Ali; Müstecaplıoğlu, Özgür E.
    Decoherence is a major issue in quantum information processing, degrading the performance of tasks or even precluding them. Quantum error-correcting codes, creating decoherence-free subspaces, and the quantum Zeno effect are among the major means for protecting quantum systems from decoherence. Increasing the number of qubits of a quantum system to be utilized in a quantum information task as a resource expands the quantum state space. This creates the opportunity to engineer the quantum state of the system in a way that improves the performance of the task and even to protect the system against decoherence. Here, we consider a quantum thermalization machine and four-qubit atomic states as its resource. Taking into account the realistic conditions such as cavity loss and atomic decoherence due to ambient temperature, we design a quantum state for the atomic resource as a classical mixture of Dicke and W states. We show that using the mixture probability as the control parameter, the negative effects of the inevitable decoherence on the machine performance almost vanish. Our work paves the way for optimizing resource systems consisting of a higher number of atoms.
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    “Anneciğim burada dur.”: ayrılma kaygısı bozukluğu vakasının çocuk merkezli oyun terapisi ile sağaltımı (Olgu sunumu)
    (Psikoterapi Enstitüsü, 2024-01-30) Köroğlu, Arif Erdem
    İnsan yaşamının her döneminde ayrılıklar önemli bir yer edinmiştir. Diğer türlere göre dünyaya daha hazırlıksız bir şekilde gelen insan türü için bu çaresizlik durumuna çare annenin varlığıdır. Bu yüzden anneden ayrılma çocuğun sosyoduygusal gelişiminde karşılaşılan en büyük sorunlardan biri olmuştur. Ayrılma kaygısı bozukluğu çocuk ruh sağlığı alanında en sık karşılaşılan bozukluklardandır. Evden veya bağlı olduğu kişilerden ayrılmakta zorlanan çocuk için bu duruma yönelik tedavilerden biri oyun terapisidir. Oyun çocuğun kendisini ifade etmenin en doğal aracı olduğu için çocuk gerginlik, hayal kırıklığı, güvensizlik, saldırganlık, korku, kafa karışıklığı ve şaşkınlık gibi birikmiş duygularını dışa vurma imkanına erişmiş olur. Oyun terapisinin terapötik bir araç olarak çocuk ruh sağlığı alanında kullanımı giderek artmaktadır. Okul öncesi psikolojik sorunlara yönelik geliştirilen tedavi yöntemlerinden biri olan oyun terapisi, kaygı bozukluklarında ve depresyon belirtilerinin azaltılmasında etkili yöntemlerden biridir. Bu çalışmada ayrılma kaygısı bozukluğu tanısı alan 6 yaşında bir çocukla yürütülen 24 çocuk merkezli oyun terapisi seanslarından oluşan bir uygulamanın sonuçları sunulmaktadır. Terapistin gözlemleri, çocuğun oyun davranışlarındaki değişim, ailenin ve psikiyatri uzmanının geri bildirimleri doğrultusunda sürecin sonunda çocuğun kaygılarında önemli düzeyde azalma olduğu ve günlük işlevselliğinin arttığı belirlenmiştir.
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    Assessing dyslexia with machine learning: a pilot study utilizing Google ML Kit
    (IEEE, 2023-12-19) Eroğlu, Günet; Harb, Mhd Raja Abou
    In this study, we explore the application of Google ML Kit, a machine learning development kit, for dyslexia detection in the Turkish language. We collected face-tracking data from two groups: 49 dyslexic children and 22 typically developing children. Using Google ML Kit and other machine learning algorithms based on eye-tracking data, we compared their performance in dyslexia detection. Our findings reveal that Google ML Kit achieved the highest accuracy among the tested methods. This study underscores the potential of machine learning-based dyslexia detection and its practicality in academic and clinical settings.
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    Digital banking during the COVID-19 era in Turkiye
    (Sivas Cumhuriyet Üniversitesi, 2023-31-12) Oğuz, Ahmet Bünyan; Soykut Sarıca, Yeşim Pınar
    The Covid-19 pandemic which began in early 2020 in Wuhan, China and spread around the world, created a serious impact on personal and business life for all. While individuals tried to protect themselves from the pandemic and continue their lives, businesses also tried to cope with the change in individual consumer behaviour. This study analyses the digital banking usage trends in Türkiye, focusing on the Covid-19 pandemic period, between January 2020 and June 2022, under the precautions imposed by the government such as lock-downs, curfews and public access limitations to businesses, using available quarterly transaction and usage data on virtual credit cards, mail order and phone payments, contactless cards, domestic credit cards, number of credit and bank cards, digital banking, internet banking and mobile banking. Research findings suggest that while internet and digital banking usage increased, significant changes have been observed in contactless card, virtual credit card transactions indicating a shift in user preference in banking during the pandemic period either voluntarily or with the effects of the restrictions and intention to realize their transactions distancing themselves from the crowds. Further research analysing whether this shift is permanent or not is recommended.
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    A review of recent innovations in remote health monitoring
    (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI), 2023-12) Dalloul, Ahmed Hany; Miramirkhani, Farshad; Kouhalvandi, Lida
    The development of remote health monitoring systems has focused on enhancing healthcare services’ efficiency and quality, particularly in chronic disease management and elderly care. These systems employ a range of sensors and wearable devices to track patients’ health status and offer real-time feedback to healthcare providers. This facilitates prompt interventions and reduces hospitalization rates. The aim of this study is to explore the latest developments in the realm of remote health monitoring systems. In this paper, we explore a wide range of domains, spanning antenna designs, small implantable antennas, on-body wearable solutions, and adaptable detection and imaging systems. Our research also delves into the methodological approaches used in monitoring systems, including the analysis of channel characteristics, advancements in wireless capsule endoscopy, and insightful investigations into sensing and imaging techniques. These advancements hold the potential to improve the accuracy and efficiency of monitoring, ultimately contributing to enhanced health outcomes for patients.
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    Evaluation of post-swallow residue with visual analysis of swallowing efficiency and safety in patients with idiopathic Parkinson's disease
    (Sage Publications Inc, 2023-12) Doruk, Can; Çaytemel, Berkay; Şahin, Erdi; Kara, Hakan; Samancı, Bedia; Abay, Sevinç Nisa; Bilgiç, Başar; Hanağası, Haşmet; Başaran, Bora; Enver, Necati; Rameau, Anais
    Objectives: Dysphagia is common in idiopathic Parkinson's disease (IPD) and is associated with impairments in both swallowing safety and swallowing efficiency. The goals of this study were to define post-swallow residue patterns in people with IPD and describe pathophysiological endoscopic findings affecting residue accumulation. Methods: This was a prospective single-blinded cross-sectional cohort study of patients with the diagnosis of IPD recruited from a Movement Disorder Clinic. Clinical variables included patient age, cognitive function, and measures of disease severity, and laryngoscopic examinations with a flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES) were completed for each patient. Visual Analysis of Swallowing Efficiency and Safety (VASES) was used to analyze FEES. Post-swallow residue outcomes and non-residue endoscopic outcomes including the Bowing index, Penetration Aspiration Scale (PAS) score, premature leakage, and build-up phenomenon were evaluated. Multiple regression models were used to evaluate factors affecting the residue at different anatomic levels. Results: Overall 53 patients completed the study. The multiple regression analyses showed a relation between (1) the presence of residue at the level of oropharynx and epiglottis with premature leakage, (2) the presence of residue at the level of the laryngeal vestibule and vocal folds with build-up phenomenon, and (3) the presence of residue at the level of the hypopharynx, laryngeal vestibule, and subglottis with airway invasion. Conclusion: Residue pattern during FEES is associated with specific swallow dysfunctions in IPD. Using residue localization and quantification may be a helpful tool in assessing the impact of targeted swallowing interventions in patients with IPD and dysphagia.
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    TUR2SQL: A cross-domain Turkish dataset for Text-to-SQL
    (IEEE, 2023-09-15) Kanburoğlu, Ali Buğra; Tek, Faik Boray
    The field of converting natural language into corresponding SQL queries using deep learning techniques has attracted significant attention in recent years. While existing Text-to-SQL datasets primarily focus on English and other languages such as Chinese, there is a lack of resources for the Turkish language. In this study, we introduce the first publicly available cross-domain Turkish Text-to-SQL dataset, named TUR2SQL. This dataset consists of 10,809 pairs of natural language statements and their corresponding SQL queries. We conducted experiments using SQLNet and ChatGPT on the TUR2SQL dataset. The experimental results show that SQLNet has limited performance and ChatGPT has superior performance on the dataset. We believe that TUR2SQL provides a foundation for further exploration and advancements in Turkish language-based Text-to-SQL research.
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    Şirketlerin toplumsal cinsiyet eşitliği ilkelerine bağlılık beyanları ile uygulamaların beyanlarla uyumu
    (Işık Üniversitesi Yayınları, 2023-10-25) Zeybek Arslanboğa, Sinem; Soykut Sarıca, Yeşim Pınar
    Bu araştırmada, seçili beş (Borusan, Odeabank, Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik, Garanti BBVA, Tüpraş) ulusal ve küresel ölçekli şirketin Birleşmiş Milletler Sürdürülebilir Kalkınma Hedefleri arasında yer alan toplumsal cinsiyet eşitliği ilkeleri doğrultusunda yürüttükleri çalışmalar incelenmiştir. Ele alınan şirketlerin sürdürülebilirlik raporları incelenerek, pazarlama ve marka yönetimi faaliyetlerinin toplumsal cinsiyet eşitliği ilkeleri ile ilişkisi irdelenmiştir. Araştırmada yer alan şirketlerin kurumsal internet sitelerinde yayınladıkları bilgilere ek olarak, sosyal medya ve diğer kanallarda yürütülen çalışmaları incelenmiş ve söz konusu şirketlerdeki mavi ve beyaz yakalı (kadın-erkek) 50 çalışanın katıldığı 16 sorudan oluşan bir anket düzenlenerek anket sonuçları analiz edilmiştir. Anket katılımcıları kartopu örnekleme yöntemi benimsenerek farklı sektörlerde çalışanlardan oluşacak şekilde seçilmiş ve benzer nitelikteki bireylerin yanıtlarına başvurulmuştur. Katılımcıların ankete verdikleri yanıtlar analiz edildiğinde; çalışma hayatındaki bireylerin kadın ve erkeklere yönelik toplumda kabul görmüş geleneksel yargı ve rolleri (kadınların evcimen, erkeklerin ise para kazanmakla sorumlu olması gibi) benimsemediği görülmüştür. Ayrıca, çalıştıkları şirketlerde toplumsal cinsiyet eşitliği konusunda eylem ve yatırımların olduğunu beyan eden katılımcıların, bahsedilen konuların etkisine dair yeterli farkındalığının olmadığı sonucuna varılmıştır.
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    Satisfaction of higher education students with online learning during Covid-19
    (PressAcademia, 2023-07-30) Alyadum, Yasser Abdullah Mohsen; Falcıoğlu, Pınar
    Purpose- With the advent of COVID-19 the world has faced a situation that has changed the course of education towards technology-based alternative solutions. High education institutions in Turkey rushed from the first moments to avoid the disruption of education process, and transformed into the online learning system. Current study aims to investigate the satisfaction level of high education students in İstanbul Turkey during COVID-19. Methodology- An online survey has been filled out by more than two hundred students. Findings- The results show that most of the variables related with the usage and usefulness of online system have statistically significant effects on students’ perceptions concerning satisfaction. It can be reported that the transformation during COVID-19 is satisfactory for all levels of higher education students. Conclusion- The study also tries to differentiate between the perceptions of undergraduate and postgraduate students and it has been found that post graduates are more satisfied in overall terms. Moreover, most demographic dimensions also have different influences on the undergraduate and postgraduate students’ perceptions. The results of the study lead to recommendations and suggestions related with future implementation of online education system useful for both educators and implementers.
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    Digital era for universities: soon or far
    (PressAcademia, 2023-07-30) Eşkinat, Ali; Teker, Suat
    Purpose- Over the Covid-19 crises, most universities keep increasing the use of hybrid model at various levels in all disciplines in their education system forced by the market demand. This paper reviews the evolution of university generations from university 1.0 to university 4.0 using a historical point of view. This paper intends to clarify whether digital era for universities, namely University 5.0, is soon or far advocating that a large number of completely digital universities may breakout and reach everywhere in the world with no barriers of language, time and locations, and competing with local and traditional universities in all sense after year 2030. Methodology- The study employs an online survey via convenience sampling based on quantitative research method. Employers/Managers, Academics and formal University Students were selected as three target population group located all around Turkiye. The aim was to test the 5 hypotheses of this study to clarify the time of digital era for universities. Findings- The analysis reveals that the 5 hypotheses are accepted and seen as valid. The empirical results show a significant difference between the gender variable and the importance given to digital education. Moreover, there was a significant difference in the mean scores of the significance of digitalization and the importance given to digital education based on education level variable. Then, there were differences in the significance of digitalization and the importance given to digital education concerning the social status variable in the collected data. Notably, a linear and significant relationship was revealed between the importance given to digital education by participants and the importance they attributed to digitalization. Furthermore, a linear and significant relationship was found between the importance given to digital education and the importance given to university education. Under these circumstances, the results reveal that digital education is concerned as a fact of digital era and higher education institutions are not immune of this transformation. Conclusion- Based upon the analysis, it can be concluded that the traditional university system will be evolved into a digital university system in a not-too-distant future. In other words, traditional prestigious universities are expected to continue whereas digital universities appear as destructive competitors. For this reason, it may be argued that universities will increase to provide hybrid model education depending on the market demand until 2030, whereby it will be applied at different rates in education disciplines, such as of medicine, engineering, social sciences and many others. After 2030 traditional universities will continue to use blended learning whereas digital higher education institutions will start their inevitable growth.
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    Gender equality and empowerment for companies: an exploratory case from Turkiye to achieve United Nation’s sustainability goal
    (PressAcademia, 2023-07-30) Dönmez, Sena; Tuncay Çelikel, Aslı
    Purpose- The business world is currently placing great emphasis on sustainability, investing substantial resources to integrate it into their operations. United Nation’s Sustainability Goal 5 of “Achieving Gender Equality and Empower All Women and Girls” is a critically important subject to discuss both for academics and practioners regarding today’s sustainability related concerns and debates. This exploratory case study aims to understand the current situation of gender equality and women empowerment in business and propose a roadmap with thematic areas for companies via achievement of Goal 5. Methodology- We aim to understand the perspectives of the the professionals in Turkey; first preliminary interviews and then face-to-face interviews were applied in manufacturing and logistics industries in Istanbul. The preliminary interview was held with two managers and afterwards, five experts in the field of sustainability and working on SDG 5 were interviewed. A total of ten open-ended questions were posed to representatives from five companies in the manufacturing and logistics sectors during face-to-face interviews. Findings- The literature review on Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG 5) revealed various themes related to gender equality and empowerment, including gender-neutral decision making, ensuring well-being of the individual, creating safe spaces, role of value chain for gender equality, environmental impact, ethical approach, awareness, and empowerment in correlation with empowerment and leadership. Based on the research findings, a roadmap with ten thematic areas was developed, including: 1. Breaking gender streotypes for genderneutral career, 2. Promoting social sustainability through training opportunities, 3. Implementing gender-neutral recruitment practices, 4. Adopting gender-neutral policies in all decision making processes, 5. Establishing an egalitarian environment within the value chain and permissions, 6. Addressing global deficiencies in training to eliminate gender prejudices and promoting access to health and medicines, 7. Maintaining work-life balance, 8. Supporting advancement of employees with trainings, 9. Considering benefits of society on environmental impacts and 10. Raising public awareness by ensuring ethics. Conclusion- Social, economic, and environmental factors play a very distinctive role in the development of SDG 5 target in leadership. Companies in Turkey are encouraged to prioritize gender equality and women empowerment programs, as their policies will contribute to broader efforts within the country. By actively working towards these goals, businesses can foster a more inclusive and sustainable future for all.
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    Analysing gender equality and empowerment in Turkish companies: an exploratory case to achieve United Nation’s sustainability goal
    (PressAcademia, 2023-06-30) Dönmez, Sena; Tuncay Çelikel, Aslı
    Purpose- United Nations' Sustainability Goal 5, "Achieving Gender Equality and Empower All Women and Girls," is a critically important topic in today's sustainability agenda. This exploratory case study aims to delve into the current status of gender equality and women's empowerment in Turkish businesses. Furthermore, it seeks to propose a roadmap with thematic areas that can guide companies in fulfilling Goal 5. Methodology- For this qualitative research, the study engaged professionals in Türkiye, specifically in the manufacturing and logistics industries in Istanbul. The research employed both preliminary and face-to-face interviews to gather insights from experts in the field of sustainability and those working on SDG 5. The preliminary phase involved two managers, while the subsequent face-to-face interviews involved five key experts. A total of ten open-ended questions were posed to representatives from five companies, comprising sustainability managers and specialists from the manufacturing and logistics sectors. Findings- Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG 5) literature revealed various themes related to gender equality and empowerment, encompassing gender-neutral decision making, a person’s well-being, creating safe spaces, gender equality role in value chain, environmental impact, ethical considerations, awareness, and empowerment linked to leadership. The qualitative research findings were significant to shape a future plan. Based on the research results, ten thematic areas for companies was developed by the authors. Roadmap Thematic Areas for Companies: Breaking gender stereotypes for gender-neutral career, promoting social sustainability through training opportunities, implementing gender-neutral recruitment practices, adopting gender-neutral policies in all decision making processes, establishing an egalitarian environment within the value chain and permissions, addressing global deficiencies in training to eliminate gender prejudices and promoting access to health and medicines, maintaining work-life balance, supporting advancement of employees with trainings, considering benefits of society on environmental impacts and raising public awareness by ensuring ethics. Conclusion- The development of Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG 5) relies heavily on social, economic, and environmental factors, particularly concerning leadership. This case study underscores the need for Turkish companies to prioritize gender equality and women's empowerment initiatives, as their efforts will contribute to broader sustainability endeavors within the country. By actively embracing the proposed roadmap's strategies, businesses can pave the way for a more inclusive and sustainable future for all individuals in Türkiye.
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    Satisfaction of higher education students with blackboard learning system during Covid-19
    (PressAcademia, 2023-06-30) Alyadum, Yasser Abdullah Mohsen; Falcıoğlu, Pınar
    Purpose- With the advent of the novel COVID-19 disease, the world has become facing an extraordinary situation that has changed the course of normal human life upside down and pushed them towards compulsory, recent technology-based alternative solutions, education being not an exception. Higher education institutions in Turkey rushed from the first moments to avoid the disruption of education process, and transformed into the full-fledged online learning system. Current study addressed aims to investigate how satisfied higher education students are with the transformation to Blackboard Learning System in İstanbul, Turkey during COVID-19. The study compares undergraduate and postgraduate students’ perceptions via thirty items divided into six axes, which are included in a single model. Methodology- An online questionnaire survey sent through BLS itself and WhatsApp was filled out by a total of 294 student respondents, wherein afterwards an inferential and descriptive study with quantitative approach has been employed for analyzing their perceptions. Findings- The results are indicative that the Usefulness, Engagement, Communication and Ease of Use, Self-efficacy, and Challenges axes respectively have a statistically significant effect on students’ perceptions concerning satisfaction with the BLS. As the Usefulness and Engagement axes have the highest contribution to students’ satisfaction with the BLS, the Challenges axis has the least contribution. The findings state that satisfaction of postgraduate students, in terms of Self-efficacy, Communication and Ease of Use and Challenges axes, along with a clear supremacy over the Overall axes level is higher than undergraduate students. Moreover, all demographic dimensions except gender, place of living, the kind of device preferred and the willingness in using BLS in the future, influence students’ perceptions. Conclusion- It can be concluded that the transformation into BLS during COVID-19 has been satisfactory for higher education students, especially for postgraduate students. Some traits and drawbacks of BLS have been inferred along with recommendations which may contribute to successful implementation of BLS.