NFC Research framework: A literature review and future research directions

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Int Business Information Management Assoc-IBIMA

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Near Field Communication (NFC) is one of the emerging and promising technological developments, provides means to short range contactless communication for mobile phones and other devices alike. NFC has become an attractive research area for many academics due to its exploding growth and its promising applications and related services. An understanding the current status of NFC research area is necessary to maintain the advancement of knowledge in NFC research and to identify the gap between theory and practice. In this paper, we present a literature review on NFC. To facilitate the analysis of the literature, we propose a research framework and organize the NFC literature into four major categories; theory and development, applications and services, infrastructure, ecosystem. This rigorous and holistic literature review with the objective of bringing to the state-of-art in NFC design science research provides advancement of knowledge in NFC research and further research directions.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Near field communication, Literature Review, Taxonomy, Classification framework, Electronic commerce research, Mobile phones, Classification, Payment, Systems, Design, Taxonomies, Design-science researches, Future research directions, Literature reviews, Near field communications, Research frameworks, Technological development, Theory and practice, Knowledge management


Business Transformation through Innovation and Knowledge Management: An Academic Perspective - Proceedings of the 14th International Business Information Management Association Conference, IBIMA 2010

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Ok, K., Coşkun, V., Aydın, M. N. & Özdenizci Köse, B. (2010). NFC Research framework: A literature review and future research directions. Paper presented at the 2672-2686.