Importance of packaging as a marketing tool and two examples from soft-drinks industry

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In this project, the role of packaging as a marketing tool will be analyzed. In regards to packaging , it can be said that consumers may think that a product with an attractive package is of better quality than its competitors, which have less attractive or easy to open packages. Whatever the features, a package should provide advantage, especially according to the product type and the expectations of the target audience. The first part of the project will concentrate on the definition of a product, packaging; and on the strategic importance of packaging. In the second part, the functions of packaging will be analyzed. It will concentrate on the effect of packaging in creating a quality image and the relationship between packaging and brand communication. The effects of packaging in transportation, the importance accord,ng to the environmental issues, the safety concerns, relevant engineering tests and the future of packaging will also be analyzed. In the third part, there are two case studies. One is about the packaging of a new product on the market, and the second is about the new package design of a famous soft drink company. This part concludes with the effects of packaging on marketing.


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Sağlamer, S., (2003). Importance of packaging as a marketing tool and two examples from soft-drinks industry. İstanbul: Işık Üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü.