Effect of scattering phase function on underwater visible light communication channel models

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Non-sequential ray tracing simulations are commonly employed to model underwater visible light communication (VLC) channels. The accuracy of such simulations highly depends on how well the optical properties of water (i.e., absorption and scattering) as well as scattering phase function (SPF) are modeled in the simulation. Existing empirical models are only a function of chlorophyll concentration and particle composition and are independent of refractive index, size and concentration of particles. In this paper, we carry out an underwater VLC channel modeling study using the Mie SPF which provides a full description of the scattering from phytoplankton particles which dominate the optical properties of most oceanic waters. We obtain the channel impulse response (CIR) based on an extensive non-sequential ray tracing study and calculate the fundamental channel parameters such as channel gain and delay spread. Comparison of CIRs reveals out that deployment of simplified SPF models results in the overestimation of path loss with respect to Mie SPF. Our results clearly demonstrate the importance of selecting realistic SPF models for an accurate underwater VLC channel modeling. While highlighting the channel models, we discuss adaptive modulation technique to maximize the data rate under the constraint of a targeted bit error rate. Besides, the maximum achievable distance is also determined both in terms of analytical guarantees and computer simulations. The results reveal that larger transmission distances can be achieved through Mie SPF channel model.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Adaptive transmission, Channel modeling, Mie scattering, Scattering phase function (SPF), Underwater visible light communications (UVLC)


Physical Communication

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Miramirkhani, F., Karbalayghareh, M. & Uysal, M. (2021). Effect of scattering phase function on underwater visible light communication channel models. Physical Communication, 48, 1-8. doi:10.1016/j.phycom.2021.101410