A path loss model for vehicle-to-vehicle visible light communications

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The increasing adoption of LEDs in exterior automotive lighting makes visible light communication (VLC) a natural solution for vehicular networking. In this paper, we consider a vehicle-to-vehicle link and propose a path loss expression as a function of distance and different weather conditions. We conduct ray tracing simulations and verify the accuracy of proposed expression. We further use this expression to derive the achievable transmission distance for a targeted data rate while satisfying a given value of bit error rate. Numerical results are presented to demonstrate the achievable distances for single and dual photodetector deployment cases.


The work of Hossien B. Eldeeb was supported by the European Horizon 2020 MSC ITN (VISION) under Grant 764461. The work of M. Uysal was supported by the Turkish Scientific and Research CouYncil (TUBITAK) under Grant 215E311.

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Achievable transmission distance, Automobiles, Automotive lighting, Bit error rate, Channel modeling, Channel model, Error statistics, Exterior automotive lighting, Free-space optical communication, Indoor visible, LED, Light, Light emitting diodes, Meteorology, Numerical models, Numerical results, Optical communication, Optical losses, Optical transmitters, Path loss model, Photodetector, Photodetectors, Radio links, Ray tracing, Ray tracing simulation, Ray tracing simulations, Receivers, Solid modeling, Transmission distances, Vehicle to vehicle communications, Vehicle to vehicles, Vehicles, Vehicle-to-vehicle communication, Vehicle-to-vehicle link, Vehicle-to-vehicle visible light communications, Vehicular ad hoc networks, Vehicular networking, Vehicular networkings, Vehicular visible light communication, Visible light communication, Visible light communications (VLC), VLC


2019 15th International Conference on Telecommunications (ConTEL)

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Eldeeb, H. B., Miramirkhani, F. & Uysal, M. (2019). A path loss model for vehicle-to-vehicle visible light communications. Paper presented at the 2019 15th International Conference on Telecommunications (ConTEL), 1-5. doi:10.1109/ConTEL.2019.8848562